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Application of wood pulp Spunlaced Nonwovens in medical field
- Nov 17, 2017 -

Wood pulp spunlace nonwoven fabric is a new flexible material formed by processing polymer and fibrous aggregates by physical or chemical methods. It combines the advantages of four major flexible materials, textile, papermaking, plastics and leather. Spunlaced nonwovens is the technical content of nonwovens is high and the product style, one of the great praise of consumers of products, development history in China for nearly 20 years, has been developed and applied to a certain extent from the common nonwoven material to various functional nonwovens. Spunlaced Composite Technology is a major innovation of traditional spunlace technology. Spunlaced Composite Technology, through the cross, infiltration and integration of various technologies, makes the performance and function of spunlace products more abundant, and greatly expands the application field of spunlace products. http://www.gznonwoven.com

Wood pulp spunlace nonwoven is a kind of nonwoven composite material made of wood pulp fiber and synthetic fiber net by using spunlace technology to form two kinds of fiber entanglement structure. This kind of material has good wearability, such as strong extensibility, good handle, breathable and moisture permeable. It is applied in medical field based on the advantages of spunlaced nonwovens.  zfj1981@hzgzsy.com

In 2003, China is facing the threat of SARS, the market for medical protective isolation with bacteria or viruses function service demand is greater, but the domestic is not produced in accordance with requirements of medical protective clothing, medical protective clothing imports caused by the situation, but the disposable protective isolation of bacteria and viruses for widespread. The state also issued the corresponding protective clothing standard GB19082-2003. Although spunlaced nonwovens have good flexibility and breathability, the two indicators of their synthetic blood penetration and filtration efficiency are not up to standard. Therefore, it is possible to completely solve the two difficult problems of synthetic blood penetration and filtration efficiency when adding fine denier fiber into raw materials and adopting other processing techniques.

On the one hand, waterproof and flame retardant finishing of spunlaced nonwovens is carried out, and the waterproof and flame retardant effects of spunlaced nonwovens are given;

On the other hand, but also for the lamination processing of spunlaced nonwovens, in order to improve the filtration efficiency of spunlaced nonwovens. zfj1981@hzgzsy.com

After "three proofing (waterproof, alcohol proof, anti blood)", it has become a medical surgical clothing material, and has been widely used abroad. Using wood pulp paper and polyester fiber net for Spunlaced Composite Reinforcement Technology is simpler and cheaper than wood pulp fiber mesh and polyester fiber spunlace composite. Most domestic enterprises adopt this method to produce wood pulp composite spunlace material.  zfj1981@hzgzsy.com

Now commonly used surgical sheet, surgical clothing and other non-woven fabric, polyethylene (PE) membrane composite, the product does not drop hair, dyeing does not fade, and good permeability, the process and protective clothing are basically the same, but the relevant standards will be different.