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Comparison and Analysis of Breeding Bags of Biodegradable Non-woven Non-woven Sports Bags and Non-woven Cottons
- May 20, 2018 -

1. Lowering of production cost: Compared with hand-made acupuncture cotton non-woven seedling bags, the mechanism developed by our company can degrade non-woven non-woven sports bags. It is manufactured using a fully automatic R-25X molding equipment independently developed. , From raw material cutting, shaping, shifting, folding, heat sealing, counting and other one-time molding, to avoid the waste of the fabric due to past manual cutting and sewing and the inaccuracy of the number of packages, in addition to hand-stitched non-woven fabrics In addition to the low production volume on a single day, the nursery bag cannot meet the demand in time when the customer urgently needs it, but also neglects the quality due to the delivery of the order, resulting in irregular folding of the plastic or irregular alignment of the sewing machine. There are times when the leakage of the woven seedling bags occurs, and vice versa. The use of fully automatic mechanized production and computer counting can completely circumvent these customer complaints. While saving resources, it also won the recognition of customers;

2. High survival rate of seedlings: The degradation cycle of the mechanism-degradable non-woven nonwoven seedlings is generally adjusted according to the needs of the customer's seedling cultivation time (not to mention one example). We know that the seedling roots are The requirements for nutrient substrates and water for nursery are very important and even very demanding. Through experiments, we can observe that the fertilizer and overflow of the mechanism of degradable non-woven seedling bags in nursery are very scientific and delicate, and the water that will be poured will be slow. Slowly spilling the water from the body of the container bag through the nutrient matrix in the container bag and the roots of the seedlings to ensure that the root system of the nursery stock can supply nutrient water evenly and lastingly and promote the root system to be strong. Naturally and evenly grow to the surroundings. Different from the hand-stitched cotton non-woven seedling bags with mechanism for degradable non-woven seedling bags, the acupuncture-cotton non-woven material is used for the production of the needle-punched cotton, which not only adds many waste regenerations to the production of raw materials. Raw materials, and the texture and thickness of the fabric are very uneven and difficult to degrade, and manual sewing will cause the gap at the bottom of the bag to be too large, the water retention effect will be poor, and the moisture will evaporate too quickly; the water to be poured will instantly pass through the gap of the sewing thread at the bottom of the bag. Leakage in the middle of the seedlings causes the roots of the seedlings to habitually grow downward along the direction of the water flow instead of evenly growing to the periphery; in addition, the characteristics that the acupuncture cotton is not easily degraded causes the container bags to be withdrawn during planting and transplanting. If you lose this, it will inevitably lead to damage to the root system of the nursery stock and changes in the root growth environment to reduce the survival rate. In particular, the environmental requirements for the root system such as Taxus chinensis, Qiuhongfeng, modified red maple, and Photinia fraseri are very strict. However, once the root system changes its survival rate, it will be difficult to control; however, the mechanism of biodegradable nonwoven seedlings will ensure that nursery stocks are cultivated and planted in the same container. For transplanting without colonization and off the bag, the bag directly connected planting, seedling root to ensure that the environment remains unchanged, so as to effectively improve the survival rate;

3. Reduction of transportation costs: Since non-woven fabrics belong to the bubble cargo carrier in the logistics transportation, the freight is calculated according to the volume, so the limited number of packages can significantly reduce the logistics cost; it is found that the acupuncture cotton non-woven seedling bags are Manual folding forming, not close, irregular, each package is very limited number of packages, increasing the number of packages resulting in high transport costs of logistics; the opposite mechanism can be non-woven non-woven sports bags folding forming close, rules, each The amount of packaging and packing is more than 35% that of manual acupuncture cotton non-woven seedling bags, and the transportation cost is reduced, benefiting customers;