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Comparison of Biodegradable Non-woven Non-woven Sports Bags and Plastics
- May 20, 2018 -

1. The degradable non-woven non-woven sports bag completely solved the various adverse consequences caused by the roots, roots, thin roots, and roots of the roots of the seedlings in the plastic nutrition seedlings that could not penetrate the container walls. Thus, various resistances and growth speeds in the propagation of seedlings are effectively improved, and the probability of the seedlings becoming “small old trees” due to the adverse effects of the root growth environment is greatly reduced.

2. The survival rate of the seedlings cultivated by the biodegradable non-woven non-woven fabric sports seedlings is high and can be directly afforested with high work efficiency. On the contrary, when plastic seedlings are used to raise seedlings, they must be torn off during afforestation. This will not only cause environmental pollution, but also cause damage to the roots of seedlings. In addition, when the containers are torn off, they will be equivalent to the colonization of rooted shoots, and the survival rate will be significantly reduced. Seedlings cultivated from hard plastic material nursery containers (such as plastic flowerpots and plug trays) that are identical to plastic nutrient cartridges must be recycled during afforestation. The operation procedures are cumbersome and increase the cost of recycling. At the same time, the seedlings are also caused after planting. The growth environment has changed and the survival rate has also been greatly reduced. The container seedlings cultivated by biodegradable nonwoven seedlings will not cause similar problems when afforested, eliminating the need for container recycling. At the same time, the non-woven container seedlings have absolutely no tangling phenomenon, and after planting, a strange effect is also formed: Once the seedlings are introduced into the soil, they will grow directly, avoiding the seedling stage, and the roots of the seedlings will have air cutting roots in the non-woven container cultivation. The callus, after entering the soil, will explode and take root, and at the same time, the above ground part grows directly. This is what other types of nursery containers have so far failed to do. These exposed the outer wall of the container and formed the root section of the callus. The internal supply of nutrients continuously formed a physiological state that was ready for development and greatly improved the survival rate of afforestation.

3, to achieve the integration of operating procedures for seedling cultivation, that is, live seedlings or seedlings of various types of nursery stock cultivation are completed in the same container until the mountain afforestation, efficiency has been greatly improved.

4. As China gradually enters the afforestation era of non-woven balanced root container seedlings, it can effectively improve the quality of planted forests in China, improve the health status and growth of forest trees, increase carbon sinks, and reduce carbon emissions.