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Contrastive analysis of biodegradable non-woven fabric stand nursery bag and light substrate nursery mesh bag
- May 20, 2018 -

1. Cost saving: Compared to the light substrate nursery net bag, the degradable non-woven non-woven sports bag developed by our company has all the natural development of the root system (air repairing roots, direct bagging) and the like in the growing of non-woven container seedlings. Advantages, but at the same time have the advantage of low cost; on the contrary, the cost of light-matrix seedlings net bags is relatively high, with tea seedlings using light substrate nursery net bags as an example, caliber 4.8, height 9 light substrate nursery bags are generally At around RMB 0.16, if the Miao farmers purchased from outside, they would also need to pay a higher amount of freight. In addition, the biodegradable non-woven non-woven seedlings are lighter in weight compared to the light substrate nursery bags, and the logistics and transportation cost after the customer order is low. In addition, this kind of mechanism can be used to nurse seedlings in accordance with their own local natural resources, seed cultivation requirements and local precipitation, self-provisioned nursery soil, so that it can better adapt to seedling cultivation requirements. On the contrary, the bags of light substrate nursery containers in the market are hollow and bottomless. In the early stage of nursery, the seedling farmers must purchase plastic nursery trays to use them in order to fully reflect the characteristics of the light substrate nursery bags, which results in early investment in the seedlings. The cost is too high.

2. Simple operation: Our company's biodegradable non-woven non-woven sports seedling bags only need to prepare nutrient soil when used, so they can be directly bagged and used, which is very convenient and flexible, while the light substrate nursery net bags need to prepare sinks, sterilizing medicines, etc. The light substrate nurse net bags are thoroughly soaked and soaked, and then manually cut into the required specifications, the procedures are cumbersome, and once the climate is dry or wintering in the early stage of breeding, it is very easy to cause the matrix inside the container to dry and lack of water (because existing Most of the light base mesh bags are made of light humus straw and northeast peat energy raw materials. The containers have large evaporation and fast water loss. The management requirements are very strict in the early stage of nursery; In addition, the light substrate nursery net bags are hollow and bottomed, and the seedlings are in early stage. We must diligently water the soil to keep the substrate moist. If necessary, we must cover the straw curtain after pouring the water. It is very cumbersome to manage, and it is not suitable for ordinary farmers.

3, complete specifications: currently on the market light mesh nursery net bag production mainly concentrated in Anhui, Hunan, Jiangxi and other regions, this kind of light substrate nursery net bags in addition to high prices, early investment, a single device sunrise volume small In addition, the size of its production is also very limited, basically all within the 6CM caliber, if the production of large-scale light-matrix nursery bags, in addition to the slow production speed, the existing light-matrix nursery bags equipment is also very It is difficult to produce qualified large-size finished container bags for use by seedling farmers and nursery bases;

Taking Camellia oleifera seedlings as an example, at present, the state actively promotes the cultivation of two-year-old tea seedlings. If two-year-old oilseed tea seedlings are cultivated using light-medium nursery net bags with a diameter of 10 cm and a height of 15 cm, the cost of a single container bag will probably need about 0.39 yuan. The non-woven seedling bags produced by our company can control the cost at 0.18 yuan. Ideal for large area seedling growers.

In addition, there are still many manufacturers in the market that produce flat non-woven seedling bags that flood the nursery market with low prices and defective products. This kind of flat non-woven seedling bags are compared to our company's degradable non-woven non-woven sports bags. There is a large gap in the survival rate of seedlings. During use, the nutrient soil cannot be evenly distributed in the bag and the bag body cannot stand on its own, causing many seedlings to form roots and thin roots, tangled roots and straight roots during the cultivation period. Phenomenon, and this poor root condition will directly affect the survival rate of seedlings after planting, thus bring more losses to the farmers.