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How do we treat the soft and hard degree of non-woven fabrics?
- Oct 24, 2017 -

How do we treat the soft and hard degree of non-woven fabrics?

Cloth to do soft heel just in the production of non-woven fabric in the process by controlling the temperature to achieve. When the temperature is higher, the material is relatively hard, and the material will be softer when the temperature is low.

Soft material feels very soft, close to the real knitted fabric, fabric toughness, tensile strength is not easy to tear, because the fabric soft, the handle will be relatively thin. Hard material is non-woven fabric manufacturers most often do, because the fabric cloth after the weight of the same hard to compare to material thickness, a lot of bad non-woven bag manufacturers will use this to cut corners, it is precisely because of this reason so most manufacturers do love hard materials.

The non-woven fabric manufacturers is a non-woven plastic grain produced too hard of it is more brittle, with ordinary non-woven part of renewable materials is more brittle, the tension is not very good, very easy to break the situation.

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