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How to identify the quality of non-woven fabrics?
- Apr 15, 2018 -

As a new type of fabric products, the application of non-woven fabrics has become more frequent nowadays, especially the emergence of non-woven wallpapers has also attracted a new round of consumption peaks. Many consumers do not understand themselves, so it is inevitable that they will be misled by unscrupulous traders to purchase inferior products. So, for the sake of safety, how do we assess the quality? 1. The color and the interface as an important measure, the surface color is uniform we need to see. In general, the presence of large color differences often represents poor quality. In addition, we can also use the density of the surface texture as one of the basis for the judgment. Generally, the higher the density, the higher the quality. 2. Feel and Resilience In many people's consumption process, they always think that the thicker the wallpaper, the better. This is actually not desirable. We must know that the quality of the wallpaper is not related to its own thickness. In the evaluation of its quality, we can judge by hand touch, according to its own toughness and feel good or bad. In general, the better the feel, the better the quality and the same toughness. 3. Whether there is odor or not. Really high-quality non-woven wallpaper does not have any odor. Therefore, when there is odor problem in your defense line, it means that the material is problematic and should be replaced promptly. 4. The level of wear resistance The test for this property is also a very important part. We need you to paint the pencil and then test it with an eraser. The basis of judgment is that it is easy to clean the wallpaper, and its quality is beyond doubt. On the contrary, materials that are not easily cleaned are often inferior.