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Nike uses nonwoven fabric to make sweatshirts
- Mar 23, 2018 -

Nike uses nonwoven fabric to make sweatshirts

Nike (Nike) company has launched 75% recycled polyester fiber as raw material, and produce a sleeveless T-shirt with low Apec Spunlaced technology company PGI, which is a nonwoven fabric in the clothing on the great progress, this product adopts ultrasonic welding suture, and regulate the temperature function.

The world's largest nonwovens manufacturer Freudenberg NOnwovens (Germany) launched the spunbonded filament micro denier spunlaced nonwovens, which is called Evolon in February 2000, and is produced by a single pipeline containing spinning, netting and spunlace. The proprietary technology is the third main breakthroughs in the production of nonwovens. The company claims to have produced the first batch of short fiber nonwovens in 1948, and developed the first spunbond process in 1965. Hermann Eidel, general manager and chairman of Freudenberg, said: "the one-step production process of the cloth is compared to the multistep scale process needed for weaving and knitting fabric. The characteristics of the production process of Evolo nonwovens and polymer composite filaments from slicing into nets, composed of high pressure composite fiber (split spunlaced process each composite fiber can be divided into micro fiber root number of smooth) and consolidation (entangled) fiber network, eventually produce nonwoven fabric containing 0.05dtex-2.5dtex micro fiber. It is said that the polymer has a higher molecular orientation compared with the conventional microfiber. Evolo spunlaced nonwovens can withstand conventional washing. They have high tensile strength, high tear resistance and good drapability and feel in all directions. It is predicted that Evolo nonwovens will aim at a wide range of durable goods and disposable products market, especially in the traditional textile dominated clothing market, including sportswear, casual wear and work clothes for adults and children. For example, 70 g / sq m -150 g / square meters of Evolo spunlaced nonwovens can be used as T-shirts and sportswear.

Freudenberg currently has a Evolo pilot production line running. The company said it launched an industrial production line in the summer of 2000 at Colmar factory in France, and plans to put another Evolo production line into operation in 2002.

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