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Non-woven fabrics are widely used in vegetable antifreeze industry
- Jul 14, 2018 -

Non-woven fabrics are widely used in vegetable antifreeze industry

1. Transplanting and false values of garden trees. Before the large trees and small seedlings are planted, the non-woven fabrics can be planted in the tree pits and then planted with nutritious soil. In this way, the survival rate of the gardening activities is high, and the water retention and fertilizer conservation.

2, winter greenhouses, open field nursery with floating surface coverage. It prevents wind blowing and increases temperature. On one side of the seedbed, the non-woven fabric is compacted with soil, and the other side is compacted with bricks and soil. Bamboo or thick iron wire can also be used to make a small arch shed. The non-woven fabric is covered on the top, and the surrounding is covered with brick or soil. Covering vegetables and flowers, you need to shine more sunshine, so that you can expose it in the morning and cover it in the evening. As a floating surface covering, the temperature of 10 cm from the surface can be increased by about 2 ゚C, and the ground temperature can be increased by 1 to 2 ゚C. The covered vegetables can be listed 5 to 7 days earlier, and the yield is increased by about 15%.

3, for the ceiling. In the greenhouse and greenhouse, a non-woven fabric is used as a ceiling, and the distance between the ceiling and the plastic greenhouse is 15-20 cm. An insulation layer is formed to increase the temperature in the greenhouse by 3 to 5 ゚C, which is opened during the day and closed at night. It must be closed to be effective.

4. Covering the outer surface of the small arch shed instead of the straw curtain, saving 20% of the cost compared with the straw curtain, and greatly prolonging the service life; it can also cover a small layer of non-woven fabric on the small arch shed, and then cover the plastic film to increase the temperature 5-8゚C.

5, for shading. Covered directly on the seedbed with non-woven fabric, exposed in the morning and exposed in the evening, it can effectively improve Qi Miao and whole seedlings. Vegetables, flower seedlings, and medium seedlings can be covered directly on the seedlings in summer.

6. Before the cold wave, the crops such as tea and flowers that are susceptible to freezing damage are directly covered with non-woven fabric, which can effectively reduce the damage of freezing damage.

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