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Performance of wood pulp Spunlace non woven fabric
- Nov 04, 2017 -

Hangzhou Guozhen Industrial Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer of Spunlace Woodpulp Nonwoven Fabric with well-equipped testing facilities and strong technical force. It is located in the beauty Fuchun River, Lingqiao Town Hangzhou , East close to Lingqiao Expressway. The distance from Ningbo port is 200kilometers. And the company has two non-woven production lines. Namely the production of PP+WOODPULP, PET+WOODPULP, PLA+WOODPULP, PLA+VISCOSE +WOODPULP, VISCOSE +WOODPULP and 100% Bamboo HIGI GRADE NONVEN FABRIC.

wood pulp Spunlace non woven fabric has unique absorptive capacity and absorbent capacity, excellent dust-free, soft, anti-static, no damage to the surface properties of the material and strong and durable performance, without using any chemical adhesive.

Performance characteristics

1. clean, no fiber loss in use, does not produce lint, ensure the quality of cleaning;

2. mesh uniform, with excellent transverse tension

3. of the material is soft, clean the surface without any scratches, no damage to the surface of the object;

4. super absorbent ability than ordinary cotton cloth more than four times faster;

5. efficient removal of water stains, oil removal capacity;

6. excellent solubility resistance;

7. no electrostatic generation;

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