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Printed spunlaced nonwoven fabric
- Jan 19, 2018 -

Printed spunlaced nonwoven fabric

Spunlaced nonwovens are many kinds of nonwovens. You will feel strange when you hear names. But beautiful girls often use finished products made of Spunlaced cloth. Names are known, such as make-up cotton, mask paper and wet wipes. Spunlaced nonwovens are also called Spunlaced fabrics. Its superiority is that spunlace web can be combined with any base cloth to make composite products, and, of course, it can also produce products with various functions according to different uses.

Introduction of spunlaced nonwoven fabric

Spunlaced nonwovens spray high pressure tiny water streams to one or more layers of fiber network, so that fibers intertwined together, so that the fabric is reinforced and strong. The fabric obtained is spunlaced nonwovens.

Machining principle

The multi strand water jet produced by high pressure is used to spray the fiber net. After the water jet passes through the fiber net, it is dragged by the curtain to rebound, and then interspersed with the mesh. Therefore, the fiber will produce displacement, interpenetration, entanglement and embrace under the hydraulic action of high-speed water jet with different directions, so that the fiber net will be reinforced.

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