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Pure paper, non-woven, paper-based, special materials. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these four types of wallpapers?
- Apr 15, 2018 -

1. Pure Paper Wallpaper

Paper is used as a base material and is embossed after printing. Natural, comfortable, no odor, good environmental protection, and strong air permeability. Because it is paper, it has a very good color effect, suitable for dyeing a variety of bright colors and even brushstrokes. Long-lasting paper products may appear slightly yellowish.

2. Non-woven wallpaper

The pure non-woven fabric is used as the base material, the surface is coated with water-based ink and coated with special materials, and after special processing, it has the advantages of sound absorption, no deformation, and strong respiratory performance. Because it's very thin, it's very easy to build and it's perfect for young people who like DIY.

3. Natural material wallpaper

Made from natural grass and wood, it is naturally simple and has the function of warm ventilation, sound absorption and moisture proof, and it brings back experience of returning to nature. The disadvantage is that due to the natural material, the joints are obvious when paving, and they cannot be finely flattened.

4. Gold and silver foil wallpaper

Mainly made of pure gold, silver, silk and other advanced fabrics made of the surface layer, hand-crafted exquisite, elegant gold craftsmanship, high value, and waterproof and fireproof, easy to maintain. Because it is possible to replace gold and silver with high-purity copper and aluminum, the lower-priced products are likely to be oxidized and discolored.

5. Resin wallpaper

The surface layer is made of glue, also called polymer material. More than 80% of the world's products belong to this category, which is a major category of wallpaper. This kind of wallpaper is very good waterproof performance, moisture does not penetrate into the wall inside, is isolated waterproof.