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Spunlace non-woven principle
- May 13, 2018 -

The web is conveyed by a conveyer net or a metal net curtain, and is pre-wetted and pre-watered by a pre-wetting device (roller or curtain), and then enters the hydroentangling region where the web is ejected by several hydroentangling devices. The injection of ultra-high-pressure water jets causes the surface fibers to vertically enter the web due to strong impact. At the same time, because the transport curtain has a three-dimensional structure, water flows through the web, impacts on the transmission screen, and is reflected back at different angles. Forms a reverse impact on the fiber, causing the fiber to produce displacements in different directions, causing the fibers in the web to entangle and cling tightly together to form a wet, non-woven fabric with a certain strength. The multiple reflected water flow is due to energy Reducing the pressure drop is performed by the spouting device and the vacuum suction box under the net curtain, and then it is processed after being processed by the filter circulation system. The wet state non-woven fabric is dehydrated into a drying device and then dried into a cloth.

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