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Spunlace nonwoven
- Jun 18, 2018 -

Spunlacing is the process of jetting high-pressure micro-streams onto one or more layers of fiber webs to entangle the fibers together so that the web can be reinforced and have a certain amount of strength. Spunlace non-woven fabric, which is a natural pure plant cellulose, is processed by high-pressure water purification; it can be decomposed by itself after being used up once, and it will all return to nature, and will not cause any pollution to the environment. It is to replace the traditional wet towel, napkin The most ideal products are hotels, hotels, restaurants, beauty salons, gymnasiums, entertainment venues, airports, home schools, and other ideal fashion products. Spunlaced non-woven fabrics involve medical and health, light industry, electronics, and environmental protection.

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