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Strong decontamination, water-absorbing function
- Jan 13, 2017 -

Powerful Super absorbent towels with expert tips: Superfine fiber filament selects Orange petal type skills bonus eight-petalled, surface area increases, pores in the fabric increases emerged capillary wicking enhanced suction effect. Rapid water absorption and quick dry to become its salient characteristics.

Strong detergency: micro-fibre fineness 0.4 μ m in diameter only silk 1/10, its cross section to more effectively capture dust particles as small as a few microns, decontamination, cleaning effect is very apparent.

No hair removal: high-strength artificial silk, not easy to crack, using fine weave together, do not snag marks no circle, fiber is not easy to fall down from the surface of towels. Use it made to wipe clean towels, cleaning towel is especially suitable for cleaning light paint surface, Galvanization, glass, surfaces and liquid crystal screens, in car sticker in the process of cleaning glass, reach the very ambition of film effects.

Longevity: Super fine fiber strength, patience, and so its using life span is usually a towel using life expectancy more than 4 times, remain invariant after repeated washing, together, not attacks like cotton protein hydrolysis of polymeric fiber, even after using no exposure or moldy, pedantic, and has a number of extreme longevity.