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The difference between needled nonwoven fabric and spunlaced nonwoven fabric
- Jan 05, 2018 -

The difference between needled nonwoven fabric and spunlaced nonwoven fabric

Needled nonwoven and spunlaced nonwoven fabrics all belong to non-woven fabrics (also called nonwoven fabrics), and are two of the dry / mechanical reinforcement of nonwoven fabrics. Among them, the biggest difference between spunlace and nonwovens is the reinforcement of mechanical needles, mechanical high-pressure water needles and different spunlaced nonwovens manufacturers.

The weight of the needled non-woven fabric is generally higher than that of the spunlaced non-woven fabric. The raw material of Spunlaced non-woven fabric is more expensive, the fabric with superfine fiber is more delicate and the production process is cleaner than the needling. Medical / health / cosmetic is more extensive. Acupuncture is widely spunlace raw material variety, filter material, geotextile felts * / / etc..

The difference between acupuncture and spunlace: the acupuncture is generally thicker, the weight of the gram is generally more than 80 grams, the fiber is coarser, the feeling is rough, and the surface has small pinholes. The weight of spunlaced buck is less than 80 grams, special 120-250 grams, but few. The Spunlaced cloth has a delicate hand and a fine strip of spunlace on the surface of the surface.

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