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The process of non-woven fabric
- Jan 19, 2018 -

The process of non-woven fabric

1. fiber / material selection

The selection of fiber / raw materials is based on the following aspects: cost, machinability, and final performance requirements of the fiber network. Fiber is the basis of all nonwoven materials. Most natural and chemical fibers can be used for nonwovens.

The raw materials also include adhesives and chemical reagents. Usually, the adhesive is used to bind the fibers in the fiber net to get a fiber net with a certain strength and a complete structure. However, some adhesives not only can be used as adhesive, but also can be used as finishing agents in many cases, such as coating finishing, laminating process and so on. Adhesives are divided into natural and synthetic adhesives.

2. net

The loose fiber net structure of the fiber is called the net forming. At this point the strength of the fiber mesh is very low, the fiber in the fiber network can be short fiber and can be continuous filament, mainly depends on the process of forming the net. Network technology mainly in dry laid, wet web and polymer extruded into three classes.

3. fiber mesh reinforcement

After the formation of the web, the reinforcement of the loose fiber in the mesh fabric is strengthened through the relevant process methods, which gives reinforcement to the mesh, giving it a certain physical and mechanical performance and appearance.

4. post finishing and forming

The post consolidation is carried out after the reinforcement of the fiber net. The finishing is designed to improve the structure and feel of the product, and sometimes to change the performance of the product, such as air permeability, absorbability and protection. The post finishing methods can be divided into two major categories: mechanical methods and chemical methods. Mechanical postprocessing including wrinkling, embossing, calendering shrinkage, punching etc.. The chemical finishing includes dyeing, printing and functional finishing.

After finishing, nonwoven materials are usually in the forming machine into final products, such as folding towels, wet baby wipes. The forming process usually includes the following or several steps: rewinding, cutting, folding, cutting, sewing, sterilizing, impregnating and packing.

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