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What is spunbond? What's the difference between non-woven fabric and non-woven fabric?
- Sep 14, 2017 -


Non woven fabric is a form that does not require spinning weaving fabric, but the textile fiber or filament for directional or random support, the formation of the fiber network structure, and then the mechanical, thermal or chemical methods and strengthening into. It is simple: it is not by interleaving, a yarn knitting together, but the fibers directly through physical methods together, so, when you get your clothes stick said, you will find that is not a root of the thread. Nonwovens break through the traditional textile principle, and have the characteristics of short process flow, fast production, high yield, low cost, wide use and many sources of raw materials. Its main uses can be broadly divided into:

(1) medical cloth: surgical clothing, protective clothing, sterile cloth, masks, diapers, women's sanitary napkins and so on;

(2) the family decoration cloth: with Qiangbu, tablecloth, bed sheet, bedspread etc.;

(3) loaded with cloth lining, lining, interlining, setting cotton, various synthetic leather base cloth; (4) industrial fabrics: filter materials, insulation materials, cement packaging bags, geotextile, coated cloth etc.;

(5) agricultural cloth: crop protection cloth, seedling raising cloth, irrigation cloth, thermal insulation curtain and so on;

(6) other: Space cotton, thermal insulation material, cigarette felt, smoke filter, bag, tea bag, etc..

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