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What kind of clothes can be stained
- Jan 13, 2017 -

1, bulk fiber dyeing before spinning of fiber or bulk fiber dyeing, into large vats, staining at the proper temperature. Yarn used mostly loose fibre dyeing method (there are different effects of fiber dyeing), commonly used for woollen fabrics.

2 this also belongs to the fiber into yarn, wool dyeing fibers before dyeing, and bulk dyeing purposes, in order to get a soft blending effect. Wool dyeing are generally used for combed wool yarn and wool fabrics.

3 yarn dyed, yarn dyed before weaving, generally used for yarns, sweaters or direct use colour fabrics (sewing thread). Yarn dyed textile based.

Regular yarn in three ways:

① yarn dyeing-the loose yarn is immersed in a special VAT, this is a costly method of staining;

② package dyeing-the package dyeing of yarn in a hole on the bobbin, and then many tube mount dyeing cylinder, dye liquor circulation, soft and fluffy effect than Hank dyeing.

③ Warp beam dyeing-is a large package dyeing, weaving made before manufacturing warp (warp), the entire warp yarn dyeing, such as joint slurry-dyeing machine and the warp beam dyeing yarn bundle. Because it is a warp, so much for weaving dyeing. But with the emergence of warp down tube, can be completed on warp yarn dyed yarn, the dyeing of yarn is more widely used, such as Indigo dyeing methods mostly use the VAT, only using the warp beam dyeing can be a good solution, if there is no beam falls tube, it is difficult to achieve.

4, piece-dyed the fabric dyeing process for piece dyeing, commonly used methods are the rope dyeing, jet dyeing, dyeing, dyeing (not tie-dyed) and warp beam dyeing. Not described here.

5, garment dyed in nylon garment bag, a series of bags packed together into the dye VAT, whisking in a VAT (paddle dyeing machine). Garment Dyeing how suitable most of hosiery, t-shirts and other knitwear, sweaters, pants, shirts and some simple garments.