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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wet Method
- Jan 13, 2017 -

1, wet towels on the nose gently and smell, if it is a high quality wet we can smell a soft and elegant taste, it does not have any irritation. If it is a poor wet wipes, when we hear, feel obvious pungent odor.

2, high quality wipes are high quality raw materials, we could see the White non-woven cloth, there is no impurities. Cheap wipes their poor raw materials, we can see that there was visible evidence of contamination, quality in the wet, there will be no apparent fluffiness, and inferior in the wet has obviously fluffiness.

After 3, remove the wipes, wipes already on moldy, grow mold, the wipes do not use. If you use a damp towel in the process feel skin irritation, itching, pain in this feeling, you should immediately stop using, so as not to cause even more damage.

4, a closer look at product endorsement, select the detailed address, telephone service, health standards, business standards and the formal health record data related to the manufacturers of the products.