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Anaphylactic Rhinitis Do Not Wear Nonwoven Mask
- Dec 08, 2017 -

Anaphylactic rhinitis do not wear nonwoven mask

Wearing a mask can be built between the body and the outside world. "A mask with an allergic rhinitis is best worn by a common gauze mask." The firewall, the mask filtering effect on the air into the lungs, the dust in the air, the sensitizing substance has certain barrier function. But the respirator made of non-woven fabrics may contain some chemicals, irritating the respiratory tract, and it is also an allergen for patients suffering from allergic rhinitis, which irritates the nasal cavity and aggravates allergic symptoms.

One of the disposable masks is made of nonwoven fabric, and its main raw material is polypropylene. This mask is only a thin layer, but the permeability is poor, not only hindered access to fresh air, easy to cause hypoxia, plus its nasal mucosal resistance decreased, but also the gas can not be exhaled smoothly with the foul gas masks, repeated inhalation, lead to respiratory tract infection. Disposable masks have poor permeability and long wearing time, and they will be filled with water vapor. In this humid and warm environment, they will help pathogens grow on masks. This kind of mask not only can not block the pathogenic bacteria, but will "send the bacteria entrance", causing respiratory infection.

Patients with allergic rhinitis wear mask to wear ordinary gauze masks. Gauze mask has the characteristics of good air permeability, strong water absorption, easy to keep dry and clean. It is soft and comfortable to wear on the mouth and nose, and it can protect mouth and nose, filter pathogens and sensitizing substances. However, the gauze mask should be cleaned once every time after going out, otherwise the dust and germs that are blocked outside will also be inhaled into the body, which will not protect the effect.

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