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Coating Treatment Of Non-woven Fabrics
- Nov 10, 2017 -

Coating treatment of non-woven fabrics

At present, the coating process mainly includes slurry roll coating method, scraper coating method and transfer coating method.

(1) the coating process of roller coating with roller coating is similar to the application method of adhesive for some bonded nonwovens. It transfers the slurry to the surface of the cloth through the main components such as the roll. The speed of the roller with the pulp can be consistent with the loose speed of non-woven fabric. In practical production, the change of the direction of the roller is often used to change the thickness of the coating effectively. With slurry roller moving in the same direction, the penetration of coating slurry is deeper.

(2) the process of coating coating scraper for nonwovens with strength and dimensional stability enough, coating materials generally suitable for high viscosity slurry or water soluble plastic solution, also can use powder coating. Conventional foaming agents, stabilizers and antioxidants should be added to natural latex or synthetic latex. The foaming agents used include potassium oleate or sulfurized succinic acid.

(3) transfer coating coating is widely used in PVC and polyurethane coatings, which can be divided into slurry transfer method, steel transfer method and centrifugal transfer method.

(4 points) were divided into powder point coating coating method and slurry method. Hot melt materials are used inspersion poly ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer, copolyamide etc.. The hot melt material is first made into a sticky slurry, and then a round screen printing method is used to finish the coating process by applying the pulp point to the cloth and then drying. The product has good handle and high bonding fastness.

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