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Consolidation Technology Of Nonwovens -- Foam Viscosity
- Jan 26, 2018 -

Consolidation technology of nonwovens -- Foam viscosity

Foam adhesion, also known as foam impregnation, is a new production technology in chemical bonding. It is replaced by the impregnation of liquid adhesive by the way it is applied to the fiber net with a foam binder. Because the foam state of the binder in the mesh is compressed and heated, the foam breaks down, making the product porous, thus improving the bulkiness and softness of the product. At the same time, this adhesive method can improve the concentration of adhesives properly, and the liquid content after sizing is low, which not only reduces the possibility of swimming in the drying process of adhesives, but also helps to reduce the energy consumption during drying process.

The ways of applying foam adhesives to the fiber net are mainly scraped and rolled liquid. Scratch type is the use of the foam adhesive coating scraper to the web, the scraper scraping pressure, bubble rupture and the adhesive evenly into the web; rolling liquid on the fiber net is applied to rolling foam mixture using a pair of rollers, the foam adhesive pressure roller breaks down and penetrate into the web. The foam adhesive can be applied one side and can be applied both sides. Single applying suitable for processing fiber net weight is 20-100g/ square meters are suitable for processing 120g/ applied; double square meters above the fixed weight fiber network.

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