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Consolidation Technology Of Nonwovens -- Spray Viscosity
- Jan 26, 2018 -

Consolidation technology of nonwovens -- spray viscosity

The spraying method is used to apply the adhesive working liquid to the fiber net to achieve the purpose of consolidating the fiber net. This spraying and bonding method makes use of the principle of air pressure or hydraulic injection, so that the adhesive is sprayed onto the fiber web in a fog way, so that it distributes evenly and has no saturated penetration and does not need rolling process. Therefore, the product exhibits high fluffy and porous characteristics.

Spray bonding method often need to implement two spray on Web, and through the suction device so that the two sides and intermediate web can evenly glue, fixed network to arrive.

In order to meet the development needs of new products and further improve the performance of products, in recent years, a technology of combining spraying and bonding with hot melt bonding has been developed, that is, a certain density of low melting point hot bonding fiber is added to the fiber net. The mesh is sprayed with suitable adhesive and then enters the oven. On the one hand, the adhesive is heated and solidified. On the other hand, the low melting point fiber melted and melted and cooled down after the oven was output. This way of binding can reduce the amount of adhesives and achieve the effect of full bonding with the aid of thermal bonding, so the products formed are more flexible.

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