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How Can Good Colors
- Jan 13, 2017 -

Dye bath pH value, temperature and other parameters according to the nature of fibers and dyes. Cellulose fibers in alkaline or neutral dye bath upper dye. Dye molecules smaller at around 30 c can be dyed; larger molecular structure needed in 90 ℃ dyeing. In the dye bath with salt or sodium sulfate uptake can be improved. Protein fiber alkali, staining is generally acidic or neutral in the dye bath. Scaly layers of wool, dye molecules into the fiber hindering large, usually dyed in near-boiling temperatures. Polyester structure, rarely swelling in water, the dye molecules into the internal obstacles greater, at about 130 ℃ dyeing bath China dyeing, joined the carrier in the dye bath additives, you can dye on near-boiling temperatures at atmospheric pressure. Polyester fabric pad dyeing with disperse dyes, dried and heated to 200 ℃ dyeing that is quickly into the fibers, this method known as thermosol dyeing.