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Introduction Of New Production Technology Of Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric-Spunlace Composite Technology
- Jul 24, 2017 -

Spunlace Composite Technology

Research and development of Spunlaced Composite Technology, not only overcomes the limitations of some non-woven products, increase the varieties, greatly expand the application field of spunlaced nonwovens, and promote the development of spunlaced nonwovens process technology and the whole and improve.

(1) composite technology of air net forming of spunlace and wood pulp. Because of the short fiber pulp prices than spunlacing commonly used much cheaper, and fluff pulp hygroscopicity and feel are very good, so the products made with fiber products cheaper than all, the price is very competitive, but in the process of filtering system requirements is very high. The product can be used as a file (70%g/m2), diapers and sanitary napkins in the core material. Spunlace and pulp air mesh composite equipment has Fleissner's Aquapulp and Perfojet's Airlace.

(2) and spinning viscose filament spunlace composite technique. The composite method with absorption properties of spunbonded nonwovens with short fiber strength and good business, and a spunbonded nonwoven cloth uniform and soft, with water and oil absorption function, and high strength, can be used as food wrapping cloth, decorative cloth and cleaning cloth etc.. Spunlace and spunbond composite equipment has Flerssner's Aquqspun, Aquasplit. And Freudenberg's Evolon processing technology.

(3) composite technology of spunlace and wet forming. The typical process, Detex's Hydraspun technology, consists of Detex's wet mesh technology combined with the Japanese Unicharm company's registered Soflom spunlace process. The strength and softness of Hyderaspun wet spunlaced nonwovens is equal to or even more than the traditional dry spunlace nonwovens and wet spunlaced nonwovens not Diaomao crumbs, the seam tensile strength is two times of dry spunlaced nonwovens, especially suitable for the field of clothing.

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