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Mesh Spunlace Nonwoven Direction Of Development
- Jul 18, 2017 -

 mesh spunlace nonwoven Direction of development

Over the past five years, China's nonwovens rapid development of 5 years, the average growth rate remained at 18.9%, a textile industry to become the leading plate. In the high-speed development track, the next few years, China's nonwovens industry, where the new direction of development, how to achieve the upgrade? October 26, held in my county at the 2012 China International Nonwovens Conference, the experts believe that new technologies, new applications is the future development direction of nonwovens industry.

Nonwovens are widely used in hygienic products, due to the development of strong adsorption function technology, extended to the treatment of bedsore special health textiles Band-Aid, product value is quite high. Yao Mu, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering pointed out that the development of nonwovens industry can not be separated from the support of new technologies, the future development of a variety of materials in a variety of ways such as composite research.

China Industry Textiles Industry Association, said Li Lingshen, nonwovens development and use of many areas, its product diversity, technical complexity and the contradictions in the development of the particularity of the decision in the development of the industry to pay attention and seize Focus, so the industry with the textile industry in the development of the industry to further grasp the focus of nonwovens products, highlight the key areas, put forward key issues in the industrial upgrading of a key breakthrough. He pointed out that the trend of future nonwovens technology will be large, high yield, high speed and differentiated direction, taking into account energy saving, green, environmental protection and resource recycling, so the subsequent processing technology to go customization, functional, High value-added, environmentally friendly development route.

Experts for my county "and in the fiber", "Zhuang Jie non-woven" and other production enterprises pointed out the direction of development. "And in the synthetic fiber" general manager Xu Shouming told reporters that the use of new technology to develop new markets, is the need for enterprise development and upgrading, the company in the production of pearl-style medical materials, jacquard health materials on the basis of this year has introduced the first five water Stabbed nonwovens production line, to the ultra-thin multi-functional medical defense material attack. And "Zhuang Jie non-woven" is actively focus on differentiation, functional raw material development, research and development of spunlace reinforced composite, pearl fiber, corn fiber, combustion fiber, microfiber and other functional spunlace series become a hot product The Garment lining is the innermost material of clothing, usually called the lining, lining or folder, is used to cover some or all of the fabric or lining material.

The main varieties of the lining are cotton fabric lining, silk fabric lining, viscose fiber lining, vinegar filament lining, synthetic fiber filament lining and so on.

1, cotton fiber lining

Cotton fabric lining the main varieties of fine cloth, cloth, cloth, flannel, etc., used for cotton fabric fabric casual wear, jackets, children's clothing and so on. Analysis of clothing software report, it is understood that such lining moisture and warmth better, static small, comfortable to wear, affordable, but not smooth enough.

2, silk fabric lining

Silk fabrics are electric spinning, small spinning, taffeta, silk spinning, soft satin, etc., for silk clothing, summer thin wool clothing, high-grade woolen clothing and fur, leather clothing. This material is smooth, texture and beautiful, cool feeling good, static small, but not firmly, shrinking larger, higher prices.

3, viscose fiber lining

Viscose fiber lining is mainly beautiful silk, a wide range of applications. Such as suits, suits, coats, skirts pants, jackets and other high-end clothing can be used to do beautiful silk cloth. It is easy to heat set, clothing is better, but its wet strength is lower, shrinkage is larger, easy to wrinkle, intolerant washable.