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Mesh Spunlace Nonwoven Increasing Demand
- Oct 31, 2017 -

 mesh spunlace nonwoven Increasing demand

China Textile Industry Association Spunbond Branch industry statistics, last year China's legal spunbond nonwovens total output can reach 712,000 tons, 429500 tons of total output, an increase of 15.92% and 15.92%; production growth is greater than the growth of talent, oversupply The situation is moderate, the market demand continues to increase; In addition, the emergence of the data, the manufacturer is more than the growth of production lines and production growth, clarify the load is benign, mainly in the market to add lead to the company to expand production capacity. In the case of

Disposable cleaning supplies right and wrong, weaving the largest consumer market. Clean towel consumption consumption of 39.9 billion, the market penetration: According to the China Paper Association of the paper statistics professional committee members last year, domestic disposable health supplies, including cleaning paper towels, baby diapers, adult incontinence products, such as the following day 61.4% Of the tax rate; clean pad consumption of 17.8 billion, 6.17% market penetration; baby diapers consumption 4.17 billion, 3.3% market penetration; adult diapers (including diaper) 118 million, sold 2.33 Billion pieces of pad. Different times will have different clothes, but no matter how the changes, the triad nonwovens is an important part of people's lives in the field of modern status is irreplaceable, by the triad nonwovens production process only need to be carried out, Only in this way can we effectively carry out the processing line, whether it is a method or method is different because in the production, it is prepared with the usual network and web or finishing steps in the process, and the details of these problems , So it is necessary to further complete the process. The application of milk fiber in industrial textiles, started in Toyobo, and then positioning the product is a surgical suture to promote wound healing, which means that milk fiber is first applied in the medical field. Milk fiber is a kind of new artificial protein fiber made by graft copolymerization of casein and acrylonitrile macromolecules. It is mainly used for nonwovens such as garments, protective clothing, masks, diapers, civil cloth, Towels, towels, soft towel volumes magic, beauty products, sanitary napkins, sanitary pads and disposable hygiene products. Milk fiber contains natural milk protein source, rich in 17 kinds of amino acids, do not stimulate the skin, especially for baby diapers, sanitary napkins, sanitary pads directly contact with such sanitary products. In the use of this sanitary product, if the skin can not breathe freely for a long time, easy to allergic symptoms, such as itching, rash, moist, hot environment is easy to bacterial growth, so the permeability of these products is very important. Milk fiber has good hygroscopicity, breathability, its natural antibacterial, antibacterial products can also help keep clean and healthy. Analyzing market trends helps to improve better. Under normal circumstances, the market of all products can not be missing one of the carriers, if there is no market this big environment, what kind of products will be large-scale sales.

Nonwovens network of horizontal nonwovens in China's development based on the advantages of publicity, guidance of the important hub of the strategic opportunity period of nonwovens in China's development, its network platform, and constantly optimize the industrial structure, industry information, exhibition information, Product supply and demand and other professional modules to support and accelerate the pace of industry innovation and technological innovation. Nonwovens will take the development of nonwovets for sustainable development of China's industry as the goal of the analysis of the professional market based on the market anatomy to assess the power and non-woven industry through the strategic transition of the transition to maturity s country.

At this time, who can seize the market's key methods and techniques, in the international leading position will be able to win the market, provided by the non-woven this document.