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Mesh Spunlace Nonwoven Main Varieties
- Jun 22, 2017 -

Mesh Spunlace Nonwoven Main varieties

Garment lining is one of the clothing accessories. In the quality of clothing inside and outside, clothing lining for any piece of clothing has an important impact. We know that a set of clothing design is good or bad, accessories often play a great role, play even more than the fabric itself. What exactly is the clothing lining?

Garment lining is the innermost material of clothing, usually called the lining, lining or folder, is used to cover some or all of the fabric or lining material.

Lizi main varieties are cotton fabric lining, silk fabric lining, viscose fiber lining, vinegar filament lining, synthetic fiber filament lining, and so on.

1, cotton fiber lining

Cotton fabric lining the main varieties of cloth, cloth, cloth, flannel, etc., used for cotton fabric fabric casual wear, jackets, children's wear and so on. Analysis of clothing software reported that it is understood that such lining moisture and warmth better, static small, comfortable to wear, affordable, but not smooth enough.

2, silk fabric lining

Silk fabrics are electric spinning, small spinning, taffeta, silk spinning, soft satin, etc., for silk clothing, summer thin wool clothing, high-grade woolen clothing and fur, leather clothing. This material is smooth, texture and beautiful, cool feeling good, static small, but not strong, shrinking larger, higher prices.

3, viscose fiber lining

Viscose fiber lining is mainly beautiful silk, a wide range of applications. Such as suits, suits, coats, skirts pants, jackets and other high-end clothing can be used to do beautiful silk cloth. The lining is smooth and smooth, easy to wear, the thickness is moderate, the color is rich, easy to heat stereotypes, clothing effect is better, but its wet strength is lower, shrinkage is large, easy to wrinkle, intolerant wash.

4, vinegar filament lining material

Vinegar filament filament, there is called Yasha, with its good comfort and variety of varieties into the high-end clothing commonly used in the material, clothing software report shows its feel, gloss, texture and silk material similar, Shrinking small, thin, medium, thick and plain, twill, satin, jacquard and other specifications, suitable for different types of texture of the fabric.

5, synthetic fiber filament lining

Synthetic filament silk in the nylon material is commonly used in general clothing lining, clothing software reported that the texture of light, smooth, hard wear, no shrink, do not fade, cheap. But the hygroscopicity is small, static electricity is large. Wearing a hot feeling, not drape, but also easy to vacuum. Can be used for jackets, windbreaker, ski clothing middle and low clothing.