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Mesh Spunlace Nonwoven Non - Woven Spunlace Technology
- Aug 14, 2017 -

Recently, the Memis Acar of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Loughborough University in the UK has shown that the spunlace process can process glass fibers and produce industrial fabrics. Since the glass fibers are not curled, the traditional concept of dry nonwoven The process is difficult to process. Most glass fiber nonwovens are typically processed by acupuncture or wet process, but North Carolina State University (NCSN) has successfully developed spunlaced nonwovens for glass and polyester blends. Diameter 16um coarse denier fiberglass, with a spunlace is difficult to process, if the diameter of 6.5um fine denier fiberglass mixed, it is conducive to improving the strong spunlace nonwovens, so different fineness of the glass fiber mixture, fine denier fiber Conducive to spunlace, coarse fiber to help improve the strength of spunlace nonwovens. If the glass fiber and textile staple fiber such as polyester mixed, you can strengthen the spun tangent ability. The glass fiber and low melting point polyester mixed, you can produce glass reinforced polyester composite materials. Researchers at the University of Auburm in the United States use NGSN equipment to find spunlace methods to produce earthwork, geotextile is produced by acupuncture and hot rolling processes. Researchers have found that changing the spunlace pressure and the time required for the fiber to pass the needle can change the pore size of the geotextile. Aperture is a key indicator of geotextile, especially with its sand filter layer, allowing water to pass through and prevent soil movement. To extend the time of the action of the water needle by the needle or to improve the spunlace pressure, can enhance the effect of fiber net spun tangling, leaving the fabric aperture shrink. The size of the aperture can be adjusted on the line without stopping, thus increasing the production speed, geotextile other processing technology is flexible and simple.

Sponge composite technology research and development, not only to overcome the limitations of some non-woven products, increased color varieties, greatly broadening the application of spunlace nonwovens, but also to promote the spunlace technology and the entire non-woven fabric technology Development and improvement. (1) spunlace and wood pulp air into the network composite technology. As the price of wood pulp is much cheaper than the short staple commonly used by the spunlace method, and the fluff pulp has a good hygroscopicity and feel, so the finished product is cheaper than all the fiber products and is very competitive in price. On the filter system requirements are high. Products can be used as wiping cloth (70% g / m2), diapers and sanitary napkins core material. Spunlace and wood pulp airlaid composite equipment Fleissner's Aquapulp, Perfojet Airlace. (2) spunlace and filament spunbond fiber composite technology. The method of composite products both spunbond nonwovens than the municipal strength and short fiber good absorption performance, and more spunbond nonwovens even soft, absorbent oil absorption function, high strength, can be used as food cloth , Decorative cloth and cleaning cloth. Spunlace and Spunbond Composite equipment are Flerssner's Aquqspun, Aquasplit. As well as Freudenberg's Evolon processing technology. (3) spunlace and wet-laid composite technology. Typical Processes Detex's Hydraspun technology consists of Detex's wet-laid technology combined with Japan's Unicharm's Soflom Spunlace. Hyderaspun wet spunlace nonwoven fabric strength and softness is equivalent to even more than the traditional dry spunlaced nonwovens, and wet spunlace non-woven fabric can not afford to dander, the seam tensile strength is dry spunlace Nonwovens twice, especially for the field of clothing.

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