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Miratec Fabric
- Aug 04, 2017 -

Miratec fabric of PGI company is the most innovative development of spunlaced nonwovens both in concept and performance. Time will tell people whether Miratec fabrics can create a broad market in the field of durable textiles, and prices may be a major factor to consider. The limited samples shown by PGI are different from those produced in any nonwoven industry at present. In fact, the term nonwoven fabric has not been used to describe this product, which is innovative in shaping and finishing of web. Before the Qikaobi PGI company, J&J company research and in 1996 to apply for a patent, namely "supporting body fabric with laser drilling process divergent forming device". There is reason to believe that it is the technology that makes the shape of Miratec products copy almost most of the fabric patterns of 3D textiles. This patent tells people, according to the preset scan image, the forming drum of a fixed point movement of the laser beam, the laser beam can be carved out in the pattern forming roller, multi peak, peak valley and eyelets. After spunlace, the pattern of the formed roller will be transferred to spunlace nonwoven fabric, so that spunlace nonwovens will show the style of textiles. Miratec products not only have this advantage, its vertical, horizontal and high strength, and products can also have real flexibility. Clearly, sorting plays a key role. PGI says the new technology is Apex technology. Mirarec fabrics are oriented to the durable textile market, and the disposable nonwovens produced by Apex technology are called Miralace (hot rolling process), and they can also be of various patterns. PGI Miratec company began production of spunlaced nonwovens in the end of 1998, in 2000 the company put into play a double game Miratec production lines. PGI has built partnerships with its users, Johnson Controls Ltd., to extend the use of Miratec spunlace nonwovens to expand to automotive interiors, mainly for furniture and household decorative items.

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