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New Development Of Spunlace Technology
- Dec 22, 2017 -

New development of spunlace Technology

The research of Memis Acar in Mechanical Engineering Department of Loughborough university has proved that spunlace process can process glass fiber and produce industrial cloth. Because glass fiber is not curly, traditional dry spinning process is difficult to process. Most of the glass fiber nonwovens is generally composed of acupuncture or wet process, but the North Carolina State University (NCSN) has successfully developed a blend of glass fiber and polyester spunlaced nonwovens. The diameter of 16um coarse denier fiber, water needling method is very difficult to process, if the 6.5um and the diameter of fine denier fiber mixed, is conducive to improving the strength of spunlaced nonwovens, so different size of glass fiber mixed with fine denier fiber for Spunlaced, coarse denier fiber can improve the strength of spunlaced nonwovens. If glass fiber and textile short fiber, such as polyester blended, can strengthen the tangle of spunlaced. Glass fiber and low melting point polyester fiber can be mixed to produce Bose native soil reinforced polyester composite. Researchers at Auburm University found that use of NGSN equipment can produce spunlace cloth, geotextile is produced by Acupuncture and hot rolling process. The researchers found that the pore size of the geotextile could be changed by changing the pressure of the spunlace and the time of the water needle. Pore size is a key indicator of geotextile, especially by using it as a sandy soil filter layer that allows water to pass through the soil to prevent soil movement. Prolonging the time of the water needle action or increasing the pressure of the spunlace can enhance the tangled effect of the fiber net spunl, and reduce the pore size of the fabric. The aperture size can be adjusted online without stopping, thus improving the production speed, which is more flexible and simple than the other processing techniques of geotextiles.

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