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No Difference Between Woven And Laminated Nonwoven Fabric
- Jan 13, 2017 -

Non-woven production is no other processing, product needs might require a diversity of materials and some special features, will be processed on a non-woven material, depending on the processing mode produces a variety of techniques, like non-woven fabric coated and film is the process of non-woven fabric is more common.

Coated nonwoven laminated nonwoven fabric what the hell difference does it make?

First: non-woven fabric coated is a professional machine heats the plastic into liquid, through the machine again poured liquid on non-woven plastic side or double-sided, one side of the machine drying system, liquid dries the floor poured plastic cooling, thus producing laminated non-woven fabric.

Second: the coating is made of non-woven cloth non-woven fabric laminating machine, through the advanced large-scale machine rolls of plastic sheeting bought directly and non-woven materials together, become coated nonwoven fabric. You can see non-woven fabric coated and film different is that different production processes and raw material to produce the finished look and function principle.

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