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Nonwoven Cloth Pads Create Low Carbon Life
- Dec 08, 2017 -

Nonwoven cloth pads create low carbon life

The mat is like a beautiful face, let the table have an expression, let the home change the mood. "This is the most popular food mat in the world. All the dining mats are made of environmentally friendly non-woven fabrics, delicate and lovely. Don't look at these small pads, sometimes more thoughtful and real than a set of extravagant family outfits. " Shi Xiaoyan operates a non-woven cloth mat business in the four district of Yiwu international trade city. Although only half a shop, but in shops are filled with a variety of styles, colors and sizes of non-woven mat, table runner and basket.

The pads are not just for heat insulation. For you who advocate the trend of the tide, you are still using the ordinary bamboo pads for out! "You see how colorful the mats are. In particular, this grass green mat, plus special laser engraving pattern, makes people instantly bright, and life becomes colorful! Bright grass green, the nature of the breath, put in the home fashion and warm. This year, the big red is also especially popular, the new house decoration and the newly married couple love to buy the red mats, which is happy. Even when you don't have to put it on the table, it's a landscape. " The boss told reporters, now many young Indoorsman Indoorswoman even as a mouse pad mat. Creative, humanized dining mats can give users multiple effects, that is, to beautify life and to add a lot of fun.

Friends who have used nonwoven bags know that the cleaning of non-woven fabrics is very simple, and the non-woven cloth pads are no exception. When there is a general oil pollution, use wet cloth to wipe the non-woven cloth mat. Serious oil spill, available detergent wipe dirt, then rinse well under running water, do not rub clean.

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