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Nonwoven Fast Speed
- Oct 31, 2017 -

nonwoven Fast speed

Nonwovens are a new type of environmentally friendly materials, and have been applied more and more. There are many ways to test non-woven fabrics, such as thickness, tension, etc. Today, we asked non-woven manufacturers for us to talk about non-woven moisture absorption of what performance it

If the greenhouse is used in non-woven fabrics, can reduce the crop leaves on the water droplets, so that crops will not have disease, or fruit rotten situation will be reduced. During the day through the sun's exposure, non-woven moisture will evaporate at night can absorb the leaves evaporated from the water. Especially in recent years, has been used non-woven cover test, received the insulation effect is very good.

Through the non-woven manufacturers to explain, for the performance of non-woven moisture absorption is very clear.

20 years ago, China's first spunbond nonwovens production line settled in Guangdong, to 2006, China's total production of nonwovens more than 1.2 million tons, 4 times that of Japan, South Korea's 6 times, becoming the world's first Two nonwovens producing countries. As a product of modern industrial civilization, nonwovens eventually entered the homes of ordinary people. Our life, our living environment because it is changing.

According to the Ministry of Communications planning, by 2010, China needs 267,300 tons of textile textiles. The survey shows that China's auto sales of textiles each year to 15% to 20% of the rate of increase in domestic production of automotive textiles can not meet the rapid growth of the automotive industry demand, the market gap is large, need a large number of imports from abroad, the annual import amount of about $ 4 billion. China's cars, trolleys, minivans and agricultural vehicles, such as hundreds of types, from 1995 to date, the required car textiles increased every year, but the current domestic production of automotive textiles is far from being able to meet the growing automotive industry The demand.

2003 "SARS", let us know that the use of nonwovens do masks than gauze masks more antibacterial. From the wound care gauze, masks, surgical isolation clothing, surgical clothing, bandages are because of its barrier properties, antibacterial, soft and comfort requirements, making nonwovens products have more useless. In addition, medical textiles in this area, because of its huge scientific and technological content and considerable profits also allow more people to start a more in-depth development. It is understood that the world of medical textiles development is speeding up, Germany has 17 textile research institutions into the development of medical textiles, China in this area also began the necessary preparation and investment.

All along, the health products on the material requirements are soft, vertical, no stimulation of the skin, breathable. In the people continue to pursue comfort at the same time, sanitary napkins, sanitary pads, training pants and other scientific and technological content continues to increase. After special treatment of spunbond nonwovens not only infiltration speed, breathable and soft, to prevent wrinkling and twisting, to bring consumers the most effective comfort. Only baby diapers, for example, its surface, side, diversion layer, absorption layer, back layer of these places have been basically in the use of non-woven fabric material. Nonwovens, as one of the greatest inventions of the twentieth century, not only change our lives, but also change our minds.

As the spunbond nonwovens with high tensile strength, high tear strength, good uniformity, good softness, rich color and other properties, has been in the home, packaging applications occupy an increasingly important position. All kinds of brand stores, people see not only many well-known brand clothing, as well as supporting a variety of suit sets; people not only in the store to see its shadow, that is, in large shopping malls, clothing wholesale market, It has become a frequent visitor.