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Plain Spunlace Nonwoven Non-woven
- Jun 06, 2017 -

Nonwovens, also called nonwovens, nonwoven, are made of oriented or randomly arranged fibers, such as flakes, webs or batts made by friction, cohesion, adhesion or a combination of these methods [1]. Nonwovens The method of processing is mainly spunlace, chemical bonding, wetting, thermal bonding, stitching, acupuncture, meltblown and spunbond, etc. The spunlace method is a late nonwovens processing technology. With no environmental pollution, no damage to the fiber, etc., and plain spunlace non-woven fabric lint, no hair loss, good moisture absorption, good softness, high strength, feel good, is widely used in health materials, household goods, Clothing, decorative cloth, filter materials, building wall relief materials and other fields, so spunlace processing technology in the country have a better development prospects in the 55g / m2 plain spunlace non-woven fabric production process, there are two main The speed of the work roll, the speed of the brook, the speed of the doff is the main index that affects the quality of the web. When the consolidation is made, the pressure is preloaded and the drum is Type first spunlace water pressure, flat net second spunlace water pressure on nonwovens Therefore, two orthogonal tests are designed in this paper. One is the orthogonal test of the working roll speed, the speed of the cylinder and the speed of the dove. The L9 (3) 3 orthogonal test is used to analyze the three Factor on the weight of the unit weight of the network; the other is selected pre-piercing water pressure, drum-type first spunlace water pressure, flat-type second spunlace water pressure three factors for L9 (3) 3 orthogonal test To explore the three factors on the non-woven fabric products vertical and horizontal strength of the degree of influence.

The difference between the speed of the doffer and the ratio between the doffer and the cave is directly affected by the transfer rate of the doffer. , And Daofu transfer rate is the key factor affecting the weight of the network unit.Only the Daofu transfer rate control in a certain value, in order to produce units in line with the requirements of the network, and to ensure the uniformity of the network when the production of 55g / m2 Flat spunlace nonwoven fabric, due to the unit weight is relatively heavy, in order to properly improve the transfer rate of the doffer is configured with a large doffer speed, so that the ability to grasp the fibers of the doffer teeth, so in this factor three levels The speed of the snare is 65m / min, and the speed of the cylinder has a certain effect on the unit weight, but it is not very significant, because the cylinder is mainly composed of carding, so that the bundle or small pieces of fiber to achieve single fiber, The uniformity of the net. Xilin speed should not be too large, or easy to damage the fiber, increase the cotton, affecting the weight of the network. Therefore, the production of 55g / m2 spunlace non-woven fabric with 1240m / min better The.

The speed of the work roll directly affects the degree of combing the fiber between the cylinder and the work roll . The smaller the speed, the greater the amount of fiber stripped from the cylinder, but the speed is too small will cause the work roll load increases, So that the combing can not affect the quality of the network, so the work roll speed at 88m / min production 55g / m2 spunlace nonwoven fabric better quality.

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