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Plain Spunlace Nonwoven What Are The USES
- Oct 11, 2017 -

 Plain spunlace nonwoven What are the USES

What are the new USES of plain water spines non-woven fabrics?

Plain water spines are widely used in clothing, gloves, caps, underwear, garments, clothing labels and other clothing industry applications.

Plain spunlace nonwoven are widely used in shopping bags, gift bags, handbags, endowment spunlace plain spunlace non-woven bag manufacturers, the carpet and cloth, stick a wall of the base materials, furniture decoration, dust cloth, spring package cloth, water thorn tabby cloth spunlace non-woven cloth, acoustics, bedding and curtains, cloth and other household goods industries.

Plain spunlace nonwoven are widely used in clinical supplies, surgical clothing, hats, shoes, superfine fiber plain spunlaced nonwovens cover, bandage cloth, bandages, wet towel, cotton ball, masks, sterilization, sanitary napkin, diaper, vacuum bag, travel underwear, incontinence products, dry wet dishcloth, makeup, health paper materials such as medical and health industry.

Plain cloth spunlace nonwoven are widely used in coating, polishing materials, wiping cloth, smock, grinding products, cable package cloth, battery diaphragm, tape, protective clothing, laboratory suits, flame retardant cloth, conveyor belt, with abandonning mat, paper making felt, sound-absorbing carpets and other industrial aspects.

What are the USES of plain water spines non-woven fabrics?

The different use of plain water spines and non-woven water spines, spines, spines, spines and non-woven water spines. Plain spunlace non-woven fabric according to the different production process can be divided into: 1, the water thorn plain spunlace nonwoven: high-pressure micro flow injection to a layer or multilayer fiber net, make the fiber tangled together, so that the fabric is strengthened and have a certain strength. 2. Hot-joint plain water spines nonwoven: refers to the addition of fibrous or powdery hot melt adhesion reinforcement materials in the fiber net, and the fiber net rehydrated spiny water spines without woven fabric to be hardened into cloth by heating melting and cooling. 3. The pulp airflow becomes a net plain water spinner without spinning: it can be called clean paper and dry method. It is to use spunlace non-woven fabric manufacturer airflow to the plain water network technology will open pine wood pulp fiber board into a single fiber state, and then use airflow method makes fiber aggregation in the shade on this network, web reinforcement into cloth. 4, wet plain spunlace nonwoven: fiber raw material is placed in a water medium opening into single fiber, at the same time make different fiber ingredients, made from fiber suspension slurry, suspension slurry to the network, fiber under wet condition into a network to reinforce into cloth. 5, spun-bonded plain spunlace nonwoven: is in polymer has been extrusion, stretching the superfine fiber plain spunlace nonwoven fabric to form a continuous filament, filament laid into the net, fiber network by self bonding, hot glue, chemical bonding or mechanical reinforcement method, make the fabric into plain spunlace nonwoven. 6. The process of melting jet plain water spines: the process of the process: polymer feeding - melting extrusion - fibre formation - fiber cooling - into mesh - reinforcement into cloth. It is a kind of dry plain water spinner nonwoven, and the needling plain water spinner is used to puncture the needle, and the shaggy fabric is reinforced into cloth. 8, stitch-bonded plain spunlace nonwoven: is a kind of dry plain spunlaced non-woven fabrics, sewing lawmakers is the use of warp knitted coil structure of fabric, yarn, textile materials (such as plastic sheets, plastic thin metal foil, etc.) or their combination for reinforcement, in order to make plain spunlaced nonwoven. Plain spunlace nonwoven USES, it can be roughly divided into: the main purpose of (1) the medical and health with plain spunlace nonwoven: gown, protective clothing, XiaoDuBao cloth, mask, diapers, civil cloth, wiping cloth, wet towel, magic towel, soft towel roll, beauty products, sanitary napkin, sanitary pads and disposable sanitary articles, etc.; (2) household decoration with plain water spines: wall cloth, tablecloth, sheet, bedspread, etc.; (3) plain weave water spines: lining, adhesive lining, flocculation, shaping cotton, various synthetic leather soles, etc. (4) industrial plain water spines non-woven; Filter materials, insulating materials, cement bags, earthwork cloth, coating cloth, etc. (5) agricultural plain water stinging non-woven fabrics: crop protection cloth, seedling cloth, irrigation cloth, curtain of insulation curtain, etc.; (6) other plain water spinners: space cotton, insulation and sound insulation, oil absorbent felt, cigarette filter, bag bag, etc. Plain spunlace non-woven fabric, the characteristics of nonwovens, broke through the traditional principle of textile and a short process flow, production speed, high output, low cost, wide application, raw material source, etc.

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