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Polypropylene Non-woven Attack Wall Material, A New Breakthrough
- Aug 17, 2018 -

Polypropylene non-woven attack wall material, a new breakthrough

In the past decade, wall materials have been the fastest growing market for polypropylene nonwovens. Driven by the new concept of new craftsmanship and home decoration, 'Ahlstrom and Itollingsworth & Vose companies and wallpaper makers have been attracted to the market. In March of this year, Oslo launched a series of products called Ahlstrom EasyLife at the 2 O 1 2 China Wallpaper Industry (Beijing) Exhibition. This improved Oslo EasyLife product is a sculptural material that exists in 3D and offers a variety of possibilities for Hengyu interior wall design. All Oslo's wall coverings are made of environmentally-friendly pulp, suitable for CE and RAL property standards, to minimize the impact on the scene. In some of the products, Oslo manipulated the polyester back as much as possible to manipulate the natural binder deuteration chemical binder.

      It is said that this kind of wall covering material has been growing rapidly in China. Oslo and China Wall Covering Materials Association have done a single job. They have performed costumes made of wallpaper and the principle is to show Oslo Easy Life. The fashion of the product can reach the feel of individual woven fabrics and meet the aesthetic needs of people.

      In addition, Oslo and its Chinese single-fire partner Shanghai Dongxing Environmental Ink Co., Ltd. launched a “reliability certification”, which allows customers to identify Oslo’s business in the flood of wallpaper varieties. material.

      Oslo is an important supplier of wallpaper-based nonwovens in China and has a history of 10 years in the Chinese market. It has announced that it will invest 30 million euros in its Binzhou workshop to set up a new wallpaper-based nonwoven production line.

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