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The Superiority Of Spunlace
- May 29, 2018 -

In the spunlace process, there is no extrusion of the web, which increases the bulkiness of the final product; no resin or adhesive is used, thus maintaining the inherent softness of the web; the high degree of product integrity is avoided The product has a fluffy phenomenon; the web has high mechanical strength and can reach 80% to 90% of the textile strength; the web can be mixed with any kind of fiber. It is particularly worth mentioning that the spunlaced web can be compounded with any base fabric to make a composite product. Various functional products can be produced according to different uses.

Spunlaced cloth's advantages:

1, soft, drape;

2, good strength;

3, with high moisture absorption and rapid moisture;

4, low hairiness;

5, washable;

6, no chemical additives;

7, appearance similar to textiles.