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What Are The Uses Of Spunlace Products?
- Mar 15, 2018 -

What are the uses of spunlace products?

Unique technology, fiber damage is significantly less than the traditional textile technology, so the spunlaced product has soft, breathable, moisture permeability, drape, uniform color and texture comfort and excellent physical properties, and by virtue of high quality and inexpensive advantage to become the most potential market competition of textile products. 1. 1994: cloth from the cleaning company first launched spunlace baby wipes, is better than other types of cleaning performance. 2. synthetic leather: 1996 Japan launched the first synthetic leather fabric, synthetic leather spunlace instead of a considerable number of needle cloth and hot mangle is widely used in shoes, bags, leather, fabric. 3. medical and sanitary materials: because the spunlaced products do not use chemical adhesives, it is suitable for medical and health fields, especially in operation room (operating clothes). 4. clothing material: PGI and BBA products, can be t - shirts, sportswear, pregnant women's clothes, twill clothes, fashion (with the function of regulating body temperature).

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