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plain wiping products

  • Plain Woodpulp PP Spunlace Nonwoven fabric

    Plain Woodpulp PP Spunlace Nonwoven fabricThe purpose of Plain woodpulp PP spunlace nonwoven Ideal for polishing, buffing paintwork, trim glass and interiors. Clean and maintenance for machinery or equipment. Clean and maintenance for workplace. Clean for transport tape and roller. Wipe about oil in the workplace. Wipe for the leaking...Read More

  • Plain Bamboo Spunlace Nonwoven fabric

    Plain Bamboo Spunlace Nonwoven fabricFeatures 1.Soft material,smooth surface,high water and oil absorbency 2.Precutted or perforated,easy to use 3.No floss left,washing durable and long lasting 4.Easy to clean and soft drying 5.Environment-friendly. Easy to use and degradable 6.Safely used,no allergic reactions to human skin The...Read More

  • Plain PLA Woodpulp Viscose Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric

    Plain PLA Woodpulp Viscose Spunlace Nonwoven FabricNote: PLA fiber is an entirely biodegradable synthetic fiber, good elasticity and resistance to wrinkling, completely biodegradable, it is a kind of sustainable development of ecological fiber. Application 1.Electronic surface clean 2.equipment maintenance 3.Surface preparation before coating,...Read More

  • Plain Woodpulp PET Spunlace Nonwoven fabric

    Plain Woodpulp PET Spunlace Nonwoven fabricSpunlace nonwoven fabric using high speeding and high pressure running water jet fabric webs, make fibers rearranged, entangled with each other, then form a complete structure which has a certain strength and other properties. The purpose of Plain woodpulp PET spunlace nonwoven Ideal for...Read More

  • Cleaning Wiping Spunlace Mesh Nonwoven

    Cleaning Wiping Spunlace Mesh NonwovenBamboo fiber: the bamboo as raw material, through special technology processing, extraction of bamboo fiber, the system is made of rubber, such as spinning process recycled fibers.Due to the growth of bamboo does not need to use all kinds of chemical fertilizer, its also generates negative ions,...Read More

  • Plain Woodpulp Viscose Spunlace Nonwoven fabric

    Plain Woodpulp Viscose Spunlace Nonwoven fabricProduct Features 1) Effective to capture dust 2) Harmless to your skin and to the smooth surface 3) Highly water absorbent, get rid of oil and water easily and lint free 4) Excellent in quality and reasonable in price 5) Market:Europe,Japan,America,Middle East,etc. Applications 1.household,...Read More